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Timeshare resorts all over Spain are now reaping the rewards of mis-selling timeshare products, as the Supreme courts continually throw out the arguments of the resorts, in favour of Consumers. Time after time, the resorts fail to bamboozle the court, falls to win the argument, returning, forlorn and “dischuffed” at paying out another round of substantial damages to yet another timeshare consumers.

Perpetuity is illegal in timeshare contracts in Spain

Floating timeshare is unlawful in Spain

Taking a deposit is unlawful in Spain if taken in the first three months

The words own, ownership, a property is all banned, unlawful and the contracts are voidable.

Should you find you no longer want your timeshare! Believe you were mis-sold then it’s your statutory right to claim compensation. Your claim can be conducted on an on a “no win no fee” Funding agreement, if your case wins YOU WIN, if the case loses YOU LOSE NOTHING, it’s as simple as that.

From Norway, Germany, France, Ireland and the UK many consumers are seeking compensation and damages.

So, what can you win?


If you paid any money in the first three months you entitled to double back

If you have paid interest on a loan you took out, you can claim it all back

You can claim all your maintenance fees back!

You can claim all your lost interest!

You can claim all your costs!

So, the rewards are massive all your money back and all on a “no win no fee” provided by TESS

And you can terminate the timeshare contract.

Timeshare developer in both the Canaries and mainland Spain are well represented by expert lawyers, however, they cannot dent the determination of the lawmakers and the Courts, as they lose case, after case, after case, after case.

“MacDonald’s Resorts”, “Diamond Resorts”, “Club La Costa”, “Silverpoint Anfi Del Mar and many more.

Timeshare means consumers acquire a right to use an apartment for a certain period of time in a particular resort. The Rulings from the Spanish Supreme Court says, almost without exception that timeshare contracts are being voided, because they are not in accordance with the law.

All Timeshare contracts presented by TESS to the courts have excellent prospects, will be annulled based on the advice received and within 18 months of engaging TESS. Why? Because they are in perpetuity, without a time limit and have been deemed erroneous. Th law in Spain states the duration of timeshare contract has to be between 3 and 50 years, not forever and certainly not over 50 years.

Customers are awarded purchase price damages, a return of maintenance fees, interest, plus court costs, on nearly every case placed before them. The cases which TESS has in the system are no different and our clients expect to collectively receive over £10 million in damages.

The trickle of victorious cases started with the punishment of Anfi del Mar in Gran Canaria who lost the first few cases. Gathering no moss, other timeshare companies followed suit, began to lose cases and now there are signs of an avalanche of victories.

In the last two months, the silent Timeshare Industry has lost all nine Supreme Court ruling. In one of the cases, the consumer was awarded 168,520 Krona (over £165,000) Timeshare companies in Gran Canaria are well represented, likewise in Tenerife and Malaga. Many Resorts are suffering from many defeats in the Spanish Supreme Court and the cases keep coming. A wide range of issues are still queuing, and new cases are constantly added, By TESS.

Posted on: 2nd December 2016