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The selling, including the reselling of timeshare, is fraught with problems, some re-sellers operate bait and switch scams, whereby you are offered to engage with a company for one purpose only to have the offer switched at the last minute.

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With the official start of summer just days away, the USA Attorney General of New York Eric Schneiderman issued warnings to keep an eye out for summer scams.

Schneiderman list of warnings explains, that Timeshare fraud ranks high and many consumers will be duped into attending sales presentations of one reason, only to have the offer switched. That being so, some will come to the realisation that the switched products on offer are fundamentally timeshare or long term holiday products. The re-sellers of timeshare is no different they can bait you under the pretence that you will sell/dispose of timeshare, yet present another holiday product equally fraught with significant problems to replace your existing product. It is our opinion that this fraud, delusionary and designed to avoid the real reason you were baited in the first place.

The typical scam involves the construction of smokescreens, coupled with an abundance of misrepresentations or false statements that will never be fully honoured or are cancelled out with unfair contractual terms. If you don’t have clarity in the product you are buying, its simple, don’t buy.

If you are invited to an office and you enter [what is essentially a salesroom], you can bet you will be subjected to hour upon hour of brutal sales pitches for the sole purpose of getting your money.

If you don’t have the money to pay for it, some unscrupulous salesmen explain that you can get a “home improvement loan” and use the money to pay them. Again this is a fraud and you are being incited to commit a fraud.

These creepy salesmen are well dressed, well-spoken and suite and booted individuals who pay attention to detail when involved in the deliverance of the crony products they peddle. Don’t be fooled.

Some peddle “credits” or “leisure credits” which can in our opinion be classed as a collection of magic beans which delivers, only heartache for many. Coupled with the idea that you will receive the preverbal inglorious return, many are duped into parting with many thousands of pounds.

If you are “cold called” your hackles should be elevated, as many scams are operated by cold callers. The glossy faced advertisement in legitimate news tabloids is a favourite, as well as focally positioned adverts in glossy magazines.

Consider where the money came from to pay for these adverts, the hard selling promotional events and hard selling salesmen, You! or other buyers who are equally been baited only to suffer the contemptuous switch.

Money buys advertising power and that power is sometimes employed to sell the unsellable, to delude the sole and the mind into the belief that the company is honest when not, fair went not, and beneficial when not.

For example, if you see an advertisement to sell your timeshare and you attend a meeting and in that meeting, the “bait of re-selling your timeshare” is switched to you acquiring another holiday product, you can bet your “bottom dollar” you are being mis-sold. You are being scammed and being taken for a ride which you will pay for, for a very long time.

Some tips to protect yourself:

Be suspicious of any unsolicited telephone calls

Be aware that all which is stated as real may not be in the world of timeshare

Be sure why you are attending and if the purpose of the attendance is switched you are at risk.

If you are asked to take out a fake loan, be warned you are being incited to commit a potential fraud on others.

If you find yourself in a salesroom and are expected to pay a significant amount for what cannot be sold conventionally, again you may lose significant amounts of money.

Posted on: 16th June 2016