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The Moness timeshare resort has come to a potential end, as the Perthshire tourist resort has now finished its £300,000 revamping of its facilities.

Moness Resort says that the investment followed what was described as a  “dramatic” varying of the site’s offering from predominantly a timeshare-led complex to what is now described as a major hospitality venue. The change in direction came after a management buyout of Moness back in 2013 and their later launch of a major development programme.

The £300,000 investment was consumed by many improvements to the wedding, restaurant and site leisure facilities.

The Director Ken Lockley explained the facts as being “the timeshare model and the concepts which surround it have become outdated”. At this resorts, an exodus had occurred and many timeshare consumers believed that their ownership was no longer needed. Contrary to some timeshare resorts a simple and quite change over occurred and was predominantly caused by the changing landscape of lifestyles many believed to evident in modern holidaying. The timeshare owners were invited to withdraw from the timeshare scheme, leaving only a small proportion of the cottages which are now held on a timeshare basis.

The entire 35-acre site now attracts more than 30,000 visitors a year.

Posted on: 27th May 2016