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The little house on the Westgate prairie owned by Mr Julieta Corredor’s mother stands alone and in the way of a large and costly timeshare build, carried out by the Westgate Corporation. Bulldozers have slammed into many other areas of the site, yet a stand-alone and poised to fall, holiday home lies bleak and resistant to the expansion of Westgate.

Named “little house” it is now located in nowhere land. The house was acquired by an 80-year-old woman and speaking for her was her son who explained that she had bought it, so as to visit the many theme parks and holiday attractions which helped her 19 grandchildren to enjoy holiday time.

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The will of Westgate has been frank, as they have offered more than double the market price for the site, however, the owners have explained at her age it’s not about the money, it’s about the home, the memories and the quality of life the home brings. In contrast, Westgate has stated that “This isn’t about their mother’s vacation home; this is about how much money they can get us to pay,”

Corredor’s son explained that Westgate had now infringed they rights by erecting a fence which had the effects of preventing access to his mom’s property. Accentuating the issues, he also explained in a question “how could a developer get permission to begin the $24 million development, before they had acquired the entire site” on that issue the County officials are scrambling to pull out of the “magic hat” a cogent reason why they did, in fact, give permission. The issued now raised Mr Jon Weiss explained “That approval could be undone,” if they deemed it necessary.

In Floridian law, we can explain that a developer who seeks to obtain county permission for the construction of a building project has a requirement to fulfil, in that they own all properties included in their plan, in the alternative they have express agreements. It now appears in some quarters that Westgate has misrepresented its ownership.

Westgate is no stranger to allegations of misrepresentation allegations and in this event, the billion £ corporations could attract many fines and penalties including a “cease and desist” order to stop working on 180-acre building site. As with all disputes, Westgate has initially stated that the application accurately represented the ownership of the properties.

Contrary to the many representations made to timeshare consumers, Westgate, or it holding company “Central Florida Investments” say they own every bit of the site but one: Weiss said the county wants a Westgate representative to appear next month before an advisory committee to explain the ownership discrepancy.

Westgate said “property adjacent to Corredor’s unit is dilapidated” and invited the county to condemn hers, too. The Corredor explained money isn’t the issue “She simply does not want to sell,” her taxes on the property are up to date, although no one in the family has stayed overnight at the home for several years.

Throwing into the mix, the 2012 permit used to bulldoze the site had expired and did not cover the land around Julieta Corredor’s condo, said Alan Plante, the county’s chief building official. A contractor who signed for the permit declined to discuss the issue.

Is this a bullyboy? Is this a reasonable company? Many think not. Westgate is simply no stranger to disputes, they are constantly in the press with allegations and cross-allegations about perpetrated wrongs and do attract a certain amount of blight. TESS assists many British timeshare owners who have an issue with Westgate Resorts. We deliver exits and terminations and are successful in ensuring that our client’s rights are protected.

Posted on: 27th May 2016