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Timeshare like other industries is awash with Paralegal companies promising to deliver legal options for exiting Timeshare contracts and long-term holiday products. Many consumers face off unregulated, unlicensed and unethical enterprises, governed or controlled by the minds of ex-timeshare salesmen and women. Some having mis-sold the public timeshares, are relieved of the employment and now purport to suggest that they have an understanding of law and seek to promote a new service in the delivery of a legal conclusion to potentially erroneous contracts which they indeed sold. Whether they seek to settle a scorer with their previous employers or are simply snatching the chance at selling you another dream, these enterprises should be avoided and shunned in some cases, for their wanton lack of knowledge and ill-founded advice.

The VR is particularly designed to add to and elevate consumer confidence, whilst improving professional industry standards. In doing so the two Paralegal kingpins intend to make legal services much more affordable and delivered with cost-effective professionals for all UK consumers.

The launch of the VR took place in December 2014 and within the confines of the House of Lords in London. Both the IoP and the NALP are capitulating with each other, have joined their resources in launching the register and aim like other professional bodies to maintain the register and provide self-regulation for the British Paralegal profession.

In so doing, they hope to establish a standard which will set and provide a benchmark for the profession which presently consists of over 200,000 paralegals across the country. At present, there are approximately 6,500 Paralegal law firms in the United Kingdom which most have developed and come into existence in the last 10 years. By way of a compassion it has taken some 400 years for there to be 10,400 solicitors firms and at this rate of growth, it appears Paralegal law firms will outnumber traditional Solicitor’s firms within the next 5 years.

In protection of the vulnerable or avoiding major risk to the public if a Paralegal company has a need to engage in providing personal injury, work-related injury, disease or disability, criminal injuries compensation, Industrial Injuries, Disablement Benefit, employment, housing disrepair or financial products and services, they first have a need to be registered with the Ministry of Justice under the Compensation Act 2006.

TESS is owned by Timeshare Mediation Ltd TML which is a “not for profit” organisation and a community enterprise and therefore exempt by its very nature.

As the British paralegal sector was not held under any form of regulation, many rogues professed to be what they are not, provided services that they neither understood nor were capable of delivering. Some are salesmen or purveyors of dreams and misconceptions. Such people will be excluded from VR in an effort to keep what the paralegal profession has always been “the backbone of the legal profession”.

If an individual describes themselves as a Paralegal and without the necessary experience or qualifications, the consumer can be left dealing with unprofessionalism and the delivery of a poor service. With penalties in place for bad services, the profession can accord with other legal professional’s, consult with them and seek to distance themselves away from those who are anything other than ethical.

Paralegals are the workhorses of the legal industry, they work tirelessly in the background and mainly in the area of fulfilling the procedural requirements expected by their employers and the courts. They liaise, draft, plead, officiate, interview, collate and account. In almost every case you will find the watchful eyes of a Paralegal ensuring that what was promised, is expedited efficiently and effectively.

Posted on: 16th May 2016