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TESS (Timeshare Exit & Support Services) Ltd has now been accepted by the advertising wing of the Law Society to place advertisements in their weekly Gazette which is distributed to nearly 110,000 Solicitors in the UK.

Advertisement TESS

TESS is a paralegal company who specialist in timeshare and long-term holiday products only.

 TESS operates a professional service and can supports Solicitors in the delivery of a service the consumer expects. TESS has a wealth of experience in many different international and homeland jurisdictions and maintains relationships with over 1,500 existing clients.

Research Department

TESS has its own research department and considers many timeshare contracts, club constitutions, trust documents as well other timeshare reselling operators and can [if required] share its information’s to assist Solicitors in the formulation of understanding and in the application of Timeshare Law in the many different consumer’s related laws and regulations. TESS retains many other assisting experts in the UK, with contracted legal agents in Spain, Australia, Malta and the UK. It regularly instructs many international registered lawyers and can refer Solicitor clients to others who will provide a wealth of expert guidance. At present TESS has compiled a Library of contracts, constitutions, Trust Deeds as well as many governmental reviews, reports comments and data. Being involved in many jurisdictions, TESS can [if required] provide many translated documents from a variety of jurisdiction including EU, Spain, South African, American and Asia.

Exits and or Relinquishment Letters.

TESS has its own Timeshare Exit department who can support Solicitors in the formulation of terminations notices and is acquainted with the many different timeshare products, long-term holiday products and Leisure Credits.


TESS can assist in the Mediations process and has a retained Mediator who can either assist clients or can be of assistance to Solicitors in Mediation events.


Understanding the many authorities both in the UK and worldwide TESS can provide jurisdictional authorities, which have been translated by UK court-appointed translators. To assist further understanding and as to the many international jurisdictional laws and procedure, upon application, TESS can and will engage with many legal entities who have historically provided cognisant authorities in the many jurisdictions.

Litigation Funding

TESS has developed with others, Timeshare Litigations Funding Ltd, which can also support Timeshare clients in the pursuit of international compensations claims. All funding is financially backed by either available funds or crowdfunding schemes, whereby costs and adverse costs funding can be in place and exploited. This service is of particular interest when claiming compensation in international jurisdictions and will save clients from impecuniosity in the event a case is unmeritorious.

Believing that TESS offers a service second to none, we can now expand and offer our services direct to Solicitors. This is not to say that TESS can represent in contentious matters in the UK. TESS on many occasions works in the background, researching international case law, regulations and Governmental Acts which can all be used in, correctly issuing either terminations notices or letters before action.

In the event that a firm of Solicitors needs assistance, TESS can provide overviews on the idiosyncrasies of different timeshare products and the convoluted supporting contractual arrangements. If requested TESS can provide draft terminations notices to ensure that its legal clients are assisted and protected at low cost. TESS has developed many different systems termination notices and branded processes to ensure that clients are protected.

Advanced Care

TESS operates an advancing care system in the event that the international resorts fail to respond to the Solicitor’s terminations notice and will respond and assist clients up to 6 years after termination letters have been dispatched, fend off allegations and non-contentiously defend against the acts of Debt collectors and resist resort attempt’s to secure unfair advantage.

Posted on: 6th May 2016