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The European leading issuer of voidable and unlawful timeshare contracts is Anfi. Anfi has been awarded the dubious RCI’s President’s Award. Noteworthy is that RCI is not a Government body, a regulator nor an independent organisation. RCI has a need to assist timeshare resorts, as RCI has a great need for those timeshare resorts to co-operate with RCI so that they can deliver their own product.

Anfi is a timeshare resort who have disobeyed the law, have issued many unlawful contracts, suffers from many legal claims and are required to pay substantial compensation to it many consumer clients, yet Anfi has won what RCI believe to be, a highly converted prize. The prize grant is quite remarkable in itself and was given by RCI in recognition for Anfi’s commitment to transforming the vacation experience and growing its business.

 Commitment to Transforming

 The “wild west” timeshare industry was suspected of being dodgy in the late 70’s 80’s, 90’s and nought’s, however that dodgy dealing was confirmed in many recent supreme court rulings which came out of Madrid in early 2015. The company on the stand was Anfi [the RCI prize winners]. So they did transform a might be dodgy into a defiant.

On the matter of growing their business

 Clearly, Anfi has grown and with many new timeshare owners joining their ranks. That said many, many timeshare buyers were sold unlawful contracts, therefore the growth of their business [in part] has occurred by obtaining money unlawfully.

 The Anfi resort is now praised by RCI which is also one of the main financial supporters of the Resort Development Organization [RDO] and TATOC.

 WOW. What next.

It must not be forgotten that RCI is also being sued, whereby consumers are alleging that RCI has been receiving deeded timeshare weeks and then skimming them off, leaving many members of RCI with little, less or no benefit from being a member of RCI.

So one potential scally issues a prize to a confirmed scallywag and for its selling antics. One might believe that we live in quite strange times or that operating in a manner of unlawfulness, should not bring prizes.

It is claimed by RCI that Anfi is a Gran Canaria-based timeshare resort and was founded in 1988 by Norwegian entrepreneur Björn Lyng (it is now jointly owned by Anfi International BV and Grupo Santana Cazorla) and RCI further claim that Anfi is now one of the top vacation membership companies in Europe.

What is also true [yet missing from the RCI statement] is that Anfi has been caught flouting Spanish laws, issuing unlawful contracts, selling illegal floating timeshare weeks, taking deposits in the cooling off period and selling “in perpetuity” contracts when all are against the law in Spain. I accept that it is correct that they do [as RCI claim] provide luxury accommodation and real estate leisure properties of the highest quality, however, these provisions are [on many occasions] only available if you enter into an erroneous, illegal and flawed contract.

RCI rewarded Anfi with a converted prize or so they claim.

Anfi is located in the village of Mogán and on the idyllic south-west coast of Gran Canaria, the Anfi resort they systematically took money, when not allowed to do so, peddled wrongs and were utterly trampled when they lost each of the many Spanish Supreme Court decisions.

That said RCI love “um”.

 Club Puerto Anfi, has read the law, contemplated it and then ignored it. They have invited consumers to timeshare sales presentations, sold dodgy timeshare contracts, been dragged through the Spanish courts, been made chumps of and yet a “don” operating in the timeshare industry rewards them.

How very strange the timeshare industry is!

Has Bernie Madoff received a prise from the USA financial regulator?

Has Jeffrey Skilling [Enron] received an award from the ethical shareholder alliance?

Is Fred Goodwin getting best banking award?

 Has Nicholas Van Hoogstraten won the best landlord award?

If not why? Clearly, if RCI were in charge of the world they might?

The resorts as stated by RCI comprises of luxury accommodation alongside a range of facilities including exclusive swimming pools, lush tropical gardens, a range of restaurants, bustling shopping centre, an 80-berth marina and a beautiful Caribbean white sand beach. The resort also comprises of boiler rooms, selling platforms, dubious sale representatives and vats full of consumer claims. Outside the resorts are, vaults, full of claims waiting to be issued and financial cost consultants scratching their heads over the exodus of money leaving the Anfi resorts bank accounts.

Carlos Valido Farray, Anfi Group’s financial controlling director, said the award was not the result of chance but based on work and effort. That may be so, but a considerable amount of effort is put in by the many lawyers defending and losing the claims made by consumers.

New challenges

This is an RCI heading and those new challenges have to address the past activities, must include paying the heavy costs and compensations claims, as well as doing some penance for the past wrongs. Does that past penance include winning awards on what they have perpetrated is a reasonable question?

The RCI President’s Award was presented to Valido Farray and other Anfi executives by Ovidio Zapico, RCI’s regional director for South-West Europe.

“Anfi has always offered the highest quality and customer service and leads the timeshare industry by example in Europe,” said Zapico.

Consumer Service

If this were true and Anfi does lead the industry in consumer service, how would RCI balance the obvious unlawful practices, against good consumer practices, which could result in Anfi being awarded a prize for their efforts?

It has to be stated that the timeshare industry is littered with spin doctors, they change products to avoid laws and regulations, admonish those who assist consumers and create consumer associations to peddle what they think consumers ought to be informed of. Listening to Anfi, their rhetoric and the rhetoric of RCI might land you in an unlawful and unfortunate timeshare contracts, a pond of fibs and out of pocket.

Posted on: 13th April 2016