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Some Timeshare con artists including peripheral sellers, buy and sell what they christen “sucker lists”. The lists contain all the data of their last victims, whereby they fraudulently took money from another with promotions and lying sales patter.

If you have scammed someone, rightfully you should feel plenty of shame, maybe so much, that you hand back the money. If this occurred the scammer might have gained repentance ticket, however, they don’t and do transfer their list to the next round of con artists, who promise assistance to get your money back.

In all transactions [of course] the consumer is always asked to pay a large upfront fee. Yes!!   It’s another scam they then sell the list to another and the scamming continues. The victims are usually the most vulnerable or elderly engaging in the belief that some could not or would not operate in such a fashion. Each and every time the consumer suffers another blow and/or financial loss.

It’s corrupt and many lose thousands of Pounds to a fake Timeshare investment or to a crooked Timeshare business opportunity.

But many scammers are organised and its reported that they are now running a shameful rouse called “asset recovery” whereby tricksters target consumer past victims with a view to hitting them again. The authorities have noticed a pattern whereby victims are getting scammed time and time again. One such discovery found that a Company were charging victims anywhere between £500 and £8,000, for a false service. Some of these promises usually involved filing a complaint which consumer could have done free of charge.

These victims already had lost upwards of £1,000 to £30,000 and ranged in age from 60 to 80.

Many consumers have tried to recover their own failed investments in Timeshare and after losing many thousands of pounds in a vacation Timeshare [that turned out to be a fraud] they seek out assistance and end up being advised by fake Consumer Associations, fake Lawyers, and unscrupulous salespeople. The sale pitch is always the same “pay upfront” and pay now.

There are many scams and scammer are evident in many industries, however, Timeshare is littered with them.

One major tip is “do not pay upfront fees” until you are sure that they are credible, registered and/or belong to a professional organisation.

Never get involved with a Company or group who suggest that you “keep your relationship [with them] a secret from your loved ones”.

Cold Callers are a complete “no-no”, simply put the phone down, as they will get into your heads.

In the event, a scammer gains your attention you will knowingly or unknowingly pay them money. The scammers are not all male. unscrupulous females are everywhere-nowadays. These females are trained and do not care, yet present themselves to you as the innocents.  The theory of the tricksters is that if you can be scammed once, there’s has to be a way to scam you over and over again.

If you need a reputable assistance call TESS



Posted on: 26th February 2016