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Malta is fast becoming the place to avoid, as timeshare clubs are shutting their doors and many consumers are reporting hurtful experiences. By their own actions, some resorts appear to be driving the name timeshare onto the mud.

As reported by TCA last week, we too receive too many calls with respect to the resorts based in Malta.

TESS consults with our Maltese assistant Lulu Tolu, who is very aware of the many stories coming out of her birth island, Malta. We equally believe that TATOC, may not best be placed to tender advice to consumers, as their minds might be that of the Timeshare Resorts (as expressed in the TCA article). The manager Mark Caldecott and Harry Taylor (CEO) were originally employed by Diamond Resorts. TESS, therefore, believes that TATOC doesn’t always act in the best interest of Timeshare consumers. I am obliged to say, others disagree with our thinking, however, we don’t receive many calls in support of TATOC.

The TCA report that somehow, Barclays approved the huge personal loan, when a lady did not own a home or have an income (other than her disability benefits). Is this not the definition of irresponsible lending asks the TCA?

“But what was the loan application reason given by Azure, surely not timeshare ownership as it would have been rejected”?

She turned to TATOC and the Citizens Advice Bureau who referred her back to TATOC. She then contacted her bank, Barclays.  They responded by saying the contract issued by Island Residence Club/Azure was valid as the “free holiday voucher” was used.

Quite rightfully the TCA ask “how can a free holiday voucher be purchased”?

At the meeting, the lady claims the resort made them various “investment” offers which are in contravention to The Timeshare, Holiday Products, Resale and Exchange Contracts Regulations 2010.

Timeshare is and has always been, a hard sell product, the only effective method of selling the product is to get a consumer to attend a timeshare presentation. Such presentations can last many, many hours. In the UK consumers may feel comfortable simply walking out, however, whilst on the alien soil they appear to be less sure as to their rights. If in doubt just walk out whenever you want. To keep you there is wrongful.

See TCA Article Here


Posted on: 23rd February 2016