European Report on Timeshare 2007

Many timeshares were sold after 2007 and when sold, those timeshares should be compliant to the laws and regulation in Europe. Those laws/regulations are expressed in the other legislation which was eventually adopted in all the member states in the E.U.

It is necessary (when seeking an exit) to consider the underlying thought process of the various representatives so that you and ultimately the court can have the full and unfettered mindset of the participants of the lawmakers.

Here you can browse the report which was ordered by the House of Lords and printed on the 11th December 2007.

In 1997 the European Union Committee was appointed by the House of Lords sort advice from the many industries and consumer’s bodies so as matters relating to timeshare could be fully and openly discussed.

Parliament was also asked to consider European Union documents and other matters relating to timeshare and the European Union”.

Committees were constructed and formed into seven Sub-Committees which were:

Economic and Financial Affairs, and International Trade (Sub-Committee A)

Internal Market (Sub-Committee B)

Foreign Affairs, Defence and Development Policy (Sub-Committee C)

Environment and Agriculture (Sub-Committee D)

Law and Institutions (Sub-Committee E)

Home Affairs (Sub-Committee F)

Social Policy and Consumer Affairs (Sub-Committee G)

The members of those committees are as follows: –

The Members of the European Union Committee are:
Lord Blackwell
Baroness Cohen of Pimlico
Lord Dykes
Lord Freeman
Lord Grenfell (Chairman)
Lord Harrison
Baroness Howarth of Breckland
Lord Jopling
Lord Kerr of Kinlochard  
Lord Maclennan of Rogart

The Members of the Sub-Committee which carried out this inquiry (Social Policy and Consumer Affairs, Sub-Committee G) were: –
Earl of Dundee Lord Moser
Lord Eames Baroness Neuberger
Baroness Gale Baroness Perry of Southwark
Baroness Greengross Baroness Thomas of Walliswood
Baroness Howarth of Breckland (Chairman) Lord Trefgarne
Lord Kirkwood of Kirkhope Baroness Uddin
Lord Lea of Crondall Lord Wade of Chorlton
Baroness Morgan of Huyton Baroness Young of Hornsey

Information about the Committee

The reports and the evidence presented to those of the Committee were fully published and now available from The Stationery Office.

In respect to timeshare consumers, the information is now feely available here.

By entering the site via the links provided you will find many publications, along with all the relevant press notices, General Information

The Committee’s email address is 

 Below are the full Terms of Reference

By clicking of the different section consumers will fully appreciate the discussion before launching into legal actions against the timeshare developers


(what this Report is about)

Chapter 1: Setting the Scene

Why we did the Inquiry

How they conducted the Inquiry

Chapter 2: Historical Progress: the Timeshare Market, the UK and the EU

The timeshare industry in Europe

Box 1: What is “timeshare”?

Complaints and Consumer Satisfaction

Flaws in the 1994 Timeshare Directive

Chapter 3: Holiday Clubs and their Growth

Holiday Clubs

Box 2: What is a “Holiday Club”?

The Holiday Club “Web”

Chapter 4: Regulatory Issues

The Timeshare Directive and the Unfair Commercial Practices Directive

The review of the consumer acquis

Common Frame of Reference

The right type of legislation?

Conclusions and Recommendations

Chapter 5: Justification for Regulation

Timeshare and self-regulation

Scope for strengthening timeshare self-regulation

Holiday clubs and self-regulation

The EU dimension

Conclusions and Recommendations

Chapter 6: The right of withdrawal and the “cooling-off” Period

Right of withdrawal

Charges where the consumer cancels

Harmonisation of withdrawal rights

Cooling-off period

Definition of a “day” in relation to the length of the cooling off period

Informing consumers of the cooling-off period

Conclusions and Recommendations

Chapter 7: Advance Payments during the Withdrawal Period

Conclusion and Recommendation

Chapter 8: Resale and Exchange


Definition of resale

Cooling-off period for resale contracts

Proposed ban on advance fees for resale

Exchange schemes

Exchange schemes: cooling-off period and ban on advance payments

Fees paid by consumers for exchange services

Conclusions and Recommendation

Chapter 9: Provision of Information to the Consumer

What the Commission proposes

Language requirement (Article 3.4)

Long-term costs of ownership

Flexible timeshare points clubs

Conclusions and Recommendations

Chapter 10: Raising Public Awareness

Conclusions and Recommendations

Chapter 11: Enforcement and Sanctions

Experience to date and international co-operation arrangements

Injunctions Directive


A licensing scheme

Conclusions and Recommendations

Chapter 12: Redress

Judicial and administrative redress

Out-of-court redress

Conclusions and Recommendations

Chapter 13: Other Issues

Extension of scope to non-fixed properties

Extension of scope to shorter timeshares


Multi-annual hotel reservations

Timeshare owners’ rights

Termination and transfer of ownership

Review clause

Conclusions and Recommendations

Chapter 14: Summary of Conclusions and Recommendations

Regulatory Issues

Justification for Regulation

The Right of Withdrawal and the Cooling-Off Period

Advance payments during the withdrawal period

Resale and exchange

Provision of information to the consumer

Raising public awareness

Enforcement and Sanctions


Other Issues

Appendix 1: Sub-Committee G (Social Policy and Consumer Affairs)

Appendix 2: Call for Evidence

Appendix 3: List of Witnesses

Appendix 4: Glossary of Terms and Abbreviations

Appendix 5: Recent Reports

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Exits and Terminations:


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