Tess Paralegal Services Ltd T/A TESS (Timeshare Exit and Support Service) Ltd
TESS became incorporated in January 2015 and instantly became a success. TESS offers a keenly priced timeshare exit and with others provided a “no win no fee” compensation system to all it clients who are eligible to bring claims in the UK and Spain.

TESS operates in many Jurisdictions, engages with many Solicitor’s, barristers and foreign legal experts in an effort to deliver the best and most reliable service to UK consumers. It is registered with the Institute of Paralegal and its legal staff are all registered with the NALP.

TESS is a non-contentious service which assists its clients in bringing claims against timeshare resorts. It delivers a professional service from its head office located in St Ann’s on sea. Lancashire and has 12 staff who are proficient in the understanding of timeshare contracts all over the world.

Anyone can employ TESS as the service is universal to all.

All quotes are free.

Legal Claim Funder Ltd

Many consumers are fed-up with shelling out £,000 for adventure which do not occur. Many companies and enterprises in or around timeshare seek to extract money and fail to delivery what ought to be delivered and indeed what was promised.

Therefore TESS with others created Timeshare Litigation Funding Ltd the only timeshare specific funder in the UK. TLF employs TESS to find the cases which are compatible with it business model and then TLF provides all the funds to bring about a meritorious conclusion to the consumer quest.

All your UK cost will be paid

All your foreign legal costs will be paid

All your adverse UK costs will be paid

All your international adverse cost will be paid

You will pay nothing, however should the case is successful TLF simple take a reward.

You control the case

You instruct your lawyers

And you choose if and when to settle

All TLF does, is support you from the cradle to the grave or from issue to judgement. Being a funder all your costs will be paid, so you can bring you claim before the courts. However if you case fails you incur no cost.

TLF is a recognised crowd funding agreement and has been adopted and verified by UK solicitors as well as Spanish Lawyers. It is a second to non-service and delivers to the consumer a wining result.

If you lose the case, you lose nothing as all the bills will be sorted out for you.

The Long-Term Holiday Product Association Ltd

Timeshare Mediation is the old name of the Timeshare Consumer Association Ltd [TCA] and is a “not for profit” enterprise which assists in funding clients who require assistance with long term holiday products contracts. It is supported by TESS and exists in the back ground offering grants to consumers who have a need to claim back money they were owed. The grants are real and assist many.

In 2011 our client acquired a complete interest in the Red lion Hotel and night club located next door. When the contract was signed the bank who was selling the properties claimed they had made a mistake and that the property was being sold to cheap. Prior to incorporation TESS resisted on behalf of our client the contention and assisted in the issuing of a full claim and must do order.

Our client was a large multi-million £ listed company and TESS was ever present in all the preparation work, disclosure, witness statements and disclosure.

After a period of two years involving hard fought litigation the two entire sites were transferred to our client including the recovery of all his costs.

After or client gained control of the site, TESS assisted in the formulation of Building Control permits to carry out structural surveys, and engineering works required to ensure the long term health of the property was achieved.

When complete, Tess was then involved in all areas of the cost schedules negotiations, the pre-building phase and determinations which resulted in the overall cost reducing from pre-budget estimates by 1.2 million.

Leading the task on behalf of TESS was Mr Cox. The full design incorporated conference rooms, 48 bedrooms with on-suits, a games room, a bar and 100 seat restaurant with added conference centre and a gym.

TESS is now assisting with others in collective proposals from the local council, the parish, environmentalists, planning consultants and other authorities, so as to move the project from the initial planning stage to the development stage. The project involves the reconstruction of a 17th century building into a fully functional hotel.

Derby Arms is again another large three storey public house in the sleepy town of Cleator Moor in Cumbria. TESS was involved in the original acquisition and assisted in the further acquisitions of another site very close to the original. Having now secured both sites our client intends to acquire the parcels of land around the site, so as to demolish and rebuilt on the site, a completely functioning hotel and leisure complex.

This project has been quite difficult as the acquisition have been conducted slowly and 6 parcels were required to fulfil the plans of our client.


Institute of Paralegal practising certificate number IoP 794115

Last modified: 10th March 2017