Today’s story cannot be viewed as truth in its truest form or in any accurate sense, as this report is based upon abstract research. That research was conducted when the author had cause to visit a fast-growing timeshare website called “inside timeshare”. Therefore credit ought to be given to them not TESS.

This website can be viewed as being linked to “Canarian Legal Alliance” CLA (a Spanish company operating in the Canaries).

CLA (as they are known) is a marketing company headed by Eugene Keizer and seeks to invite consumers to pay them to assist with compensations claims consumers have against Spanish timeshare resorts in Spain. It must be stated that CLA is very successful and are hugely responsible for the many Supreme Court’s ruling which has added efficacy to the many arguments surround timeshare mis-selling in Spain.

In the case of CLA they assisted the consumer to take their “gripes” to Court, then the High Court and on to the Supreme Courts in Madrid. At the Supreme Court, the judges found in favour of the consumers and accordingly many press releases were issued including a warning about certain types of timeshare, “Floating timeshare”, “Perpetuity in timeshare contracts”, “the taking of deposits”, etc.

The Supreme Court ruling was delivered and came into existence largely because of their gripping litigation CLA lawyers and paralegals protracted.

At present, it cannot be stated that CLA is the “cheapest”, but equally it can be alleged that because of their fortitude, they have been responsible for bringing alive Law 42/98 and the trans-dispositions of that law into legislation in 2012. Clarity has arrived and in the form of Supreme Court authorities which everyone is entitled to rely upon.

Last week “Inside Timeshare” had cause to highlight another “Leisure Credits” company named “Keys Concierge” which like Eze Group and “Monster Travel”, sell Leisure Credits or vouchers.

In respect to “Monster Travel,” they have been hailed by TESS and others, as being a “Scam” and that allegation has been aired both openly and has been bellowed from the rooftops.

In the case of “Monster Travel” and the allegations TESS posed were the subject of Monster Travel attention. They did issue a Letter Before Action (LBA) and for defamation. That said, the LBA was responded to by TESS and Monster Travel (for their own reason) have chosen not to robustly pursue any action to defend the contention that they have been defamed. Accordingly, TESS is quite right to retain the belief, the allegations it made were truthful and that “Monster Travel” was and still are perpetrating Scams against Timeshare consumers. Equally Monsters actions against consumers have been highlighted by the BBC and the Mirror group of Newspapers. Further Monster Travel and the Credits and Vouchers they sell (in arduous sells events) face many £ millions in legal claims.

 I am also cognizant that when CLA was driving the “legal bus” to the Courts, they, in turn, received a monumental sledging from the timeshare industry for the absolute “Gaul” they had turning from “poacher to gamekeeper”. Equally, the timeshare industry has admonished Monster and Eze Group over the years for the sale of Leisure Credits (all be it that in the case of Eze they have removed the comments) and the bolt on an opportunity of getting out of Timeshare.

Doing so, and in this manner, Leisure Credit company’s must believe that the timeshare group of consumers, should be the target as they are most likely to buy the products they sell. What is indicative of Leisure Credit companies is that both Monster and Eze Group are headed Ex Timeshare salesmen

Leisure Credit companies do target Timeshare consumers, offer them assistance to cancelling their timeshare so as to sell their products. Therefore, the main focus has been lifted from CLA and the timeshare industry is now “pouncing” on the Leisure Credits companies.

The timeshare industry believes that the products Leisure Credit companies sell, are financially dangerous to consumers, affect their own sales and should (like timeshare) be regulated. The ambassadors and linked entities the timeshare industry has, are according to being financed and have begun a “rout”. The rout is purposeful and in its pursuit of Leisure, Credit companies as their activities affect their member’s profitability. The actions they take and both overtly and covertly and all designed to discredit and to elevate their own products. The war in parts is like the VCR and Betamax battles. In this case, it is one of, who can dominate in the long-term holiday market.

The company at the heart of the “inside timeshare” revelation has stated that “Keys Concierge” (KEYS) is a Leisure Credit company. The product “KEY” suggests it sells are Credits and when acquired are exchanged for a similar “lifestyle” product, that being so, “KEYS” suggest they are lifestyle Company like the two existing ones mentioned before.

It would be remarkable if the sledging timeshare industry was at the back of the KEY enterprise? If KEY is now delivering what the timeshare industry deems to be a bad product, surely it cannot be conceived that a major player in the timeshare industry is behind keys. This, however, is what inside timeshare are suggesting.

Inside timeshare have, expeditiously carried out an enquiry and TESS wants to add more, in that the company “Keys” is Directed by Mr Franz Markus Deutsch.

So, who is Mr Deutsch and is he connected to anyone in the timeshare industry?

What we can say is that a Mr Franz Marcus Deutsch is the President and Chief Operating Officer (CEO) of infamous and notorious Silverpoint (Known in the past Resort Properties).

His C.V states.

 Markus Deutsch

(Chief Executive Officer and Chairman, Silverpoint Group Holding)

Markus Deutsch is Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of Silverpoint Group Holding which manages and holds the group’s assets and real estate investments as well as seeking out new ventures and investments.

Markus brings extensive experience to the Silverpoint Board of Directors. As former President and CEO of Cendant’s Vacation Rental Group (VRG), now part of Wyndham Worldwide, he was responsible for building a €1.2billion gross revenue company from a business concept developed in 1999.

He previously served as Managing Director of Cendant’s travel & club membership and hotel franchising operations with responsibility for Europe, Africa, Asia, and the Middle East. During his tenure, Markus led the acquisition of 14 companies.

Markus holds a BA (honours) in Economics and an MBA from New York University. He is a member of the Institute of Directors in London and an advisor to the NYU Centre for Entrepreneurship as well as a board member of Landmark Global Associates LLC and Insight Capitalists LLC.

Upon researching the website This Silverpoint CEO is registered as being a Director of RCI Eu Service Limited, Vacation Care Computing Limited, Leadco Europe Limited, Hoseason’s Holidays Limited, International Life Leisure Ltd and Lifestyle Services, (the company in question). The company website is located at was registered on 28 April 2015 with the registrant details as Identity Protection Service.

According to Company House records the company KEYS only became active on 6 August 2015 and claims its registered address of 1 Bedford Row, London. WC1R 4BZ. Company No: 09721639. The Director is listed as Mr Franz Markus Deutsch, Director ID 917957066.

Of course, Mr Deutsch might be a “behind the scenes” sort of a guy as in the case of Silverpoint Mark Cushway is the face as always he is (or was).

Many will note that “Silverpoint” is a notorious company, have suffered many adverse Court ruling and have been indicted for offences against, timeshare consumers. Equally, they have (when not permitted to do), sold timeshare to consumers as “investments”. They have sold “floating timeshare” refused to permit “cooling off” periods and have taken money from consumers to early. All banned in Spain.

“Silverpoint” have suffered at the hands of the Courts, have been made to pay many £100,000 in compensation and have recently carried out what some have described as a “land grab” in which they took off owners the good timeshare they had acquired and without the individual consumer’s consent. Now they are selling Leisure Credits.

As stated, In the past, the RDO TATOC have hailed Leisure Credits a bad product and with their many website and helpers claimed they hold the moral high ground in the war over the credibility of Leisure Credits-V-Timeshares. At the same time a very significant member of the RDO (Silverpoint) and vast contributor to TATOC (the alleged consumer association financed in part or whole by the RDO or its members) is by one hand sledging the product, whilst with the other, permitting its members to set up its own brand of Leisure Credits.

In normal life, one would not expect this to happen, but as ever we are dealing with timeshare companies and the possible potential of evading slow moving regulation.

At this stage, I am mindful of what the E.U has said about Leisure Credits “The research underlying this report highlights consumer detriment associated with new products, such as short-term discount holiday clubs (membership of less than 1 year) and leisure credit schemes that often seem designed to circumvent the Directive. Other commercial practices have emerged which are likely to confuse consumers and impair their ability to exercise their rights (e.g. a second contract requiring a deposit in circumvention of the ban on advance payments; offers misleadingly advertised as ‘not being timeshare’). The Directive, therefore, appears to have been subject to actions designed to circumvent its requirements. The focus should now be on how to effectively address these activities and stop them. The Commission’s impact assessment accompanying the review of the 1994 Directive clearly stated that the new Directive alone could not put a stop to the activities of companies that intend to avoid its requirements or to act in a fraudulent manner. The online survey confirms that the timeshare industry shares this view. Better enforcement and cooperation among relevant authorities, including criminal enforcement authorities, is essential to eradicate such fraudulent companies and rogue traders.

In a report, (Evaluation Study on the Application of the Timeshare Directive 2008/122/EC dated 2015) the E.U carried on a survey and as the effects of the regulation they imposed on the timeshare industry. Essentially no one in the UK contributed, as no one knew. Because of a lack of comments the E.U Reports hailed the regulations a success, whereas consumer knows, the resorts still continue to sell at high prices, sometimes unlawful contracts and appear now to be moving into the very product they past admonished.

In the “inside timeshare” report claimed it appears that the KEY product is yet another credit-based enterprise, where you receive so many Keys Credits when joining and then receive 0.5 credits for every pound spent on their products and services.

As with timeshare models, of course, there are many tiers to their membership, starting with “Discovery”, this is free and you receive 300 Keys Credits, then there is the “Explorer”, which is a 1 year trial membership where you will receive 995 Keys Credits and finally “Prime; Prestige and Elite”.

All offer different levels of services and benefits. The Elite level gives you: invitations to “Key’s” Corporate events, a “little black book” of advisers for wealth management and financial planning. You will also be welcomed with 2,600 Keys Credits when you join and indeed pay.

Towards the bottom of the Membership section, they show how you can “save” on holidays by using these Keys Credits. They show three holidays with a normal price, a member’s price and how much you pay by using so many credits towards the cost. Saved being the optimum word, one has to ask has anyone save anything? Being devised from the mind of timeshare salesmen and now being peddled by RDO Members, one must question how many complaints will be received and how much litigation will follow. Equally how much will consumers lose, now the past agreements have been abandoned and more importantly will Silverpoint receive the same attention as CLA and Leisure Credit companies Eze and Monster.

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Posted on: 7th January 2017